Selected Publications


2016. Oliver Mtukudzi: Living Tuku Music in Zimbabwe, Indiana University Press, African Expressive Cultures series


Sekuru’s Stories. 2019.
Open-access digital monograph supported by an ACLS Fellowship. Reviews of this project appear in: Reviews in Digital Humanities 1(1), Journal of the American Musicological Society 73(2), African Music 11(2), Yearbook for Traditional Music 52, and Ethnomusicology Forum 29(3).

Mhare DzeNhare, In progress.
Open-access digital humanities project, in conjunction with a musical album under contract with Smithsonian Folkways Recordings.


2022. “Outside the house, there are no laws: Musical practice and ritual dynamics at Shona kurova guva ceremonies,” Ethnomusicology Forum 30(3): 422-442.

2021. “Music under the Ground: A Century of Scholarship on the Ground-Bow in Africa,” Ethnomusicology 65(2): 324-349.

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2013. “Listening in the wilderness: The audience reception of Oliver Mtukudzi’s music in the Zimbabwean diaspora,” Ethnomusicology 57(2): 261-285.

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2009. “Carrying Spirit in Song: Music and the Making of Ancestors at Zezuru Kurova Guva Ceremonies,” African Music 8(3): 65-84.


Forthcoming. “What’s a Hero?: Music, Memory, Martyrdom in Postcolonial Zimbabwe,” Submitted and accepted for publication, Oxford Handbook on Protest Music. London: Oxford University Press.

Forthcoming. “Approaching Mbira Transcription and Analysis through ‘Nhemamusasa,’” Submitted for publication in edited volume in honor of Kofi Agawu (University Press of Mississippi)

2021. “The Social Dynamics of Three Zimbabwean Musical Bows: The Chipendani, Mukube, and Dzikamunhenga,” Musical Bows of Southern Africa, ed. Sazi Dlamini. Bloomsbury Academic. 157-182.  

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2018. “Chicago Dzviti photograph collection” (Archival finding aid). Rare Books, Preservation, and Special Collections, River Campus Libraries, University of Rochester.

2017. “Mabimbi ehurukuro navaridzi vechipendani vanonzi Sekuru Tute Wincil Chigamba naSekuru Compound Muradzikwa / Excerpts from interviews with chipendani players Sekuru Tute Wincil Chigamba and Sekuru Compound Muradzikwa,” Proceedings of the 1st Bow Music Conference, Durban, South Africa, 24-27 February, 2016.

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